Vandals put Greenfield beauty spot ticket machine out of action

VANDALS LEFT rubbish strewn across a Greenfield beauty spot car park after their latest attack at the site.

dovestone vandalism
VANDALISED: The ticket machine

The pay and display ticket machine at the popular Dovestone Reservoir was damaged, with the parts thrown across the floor, over a sunny April weekend.

It is not the first time the ticket machine has been vandalised, with incidents rendering it out of action numerous times last year.

Helen Lockwood, Executive Director Economy, Skills and Neighbourhoods, said: “Oldham Council officers were made aware the pay and display ticket machine had been vandalised over the weekend.

“Vandalism like this costs all residents who pay council tax as we will now have to repair this machine using money that could have been spent on other services.

“Motorists are advised they can use the other machine in the car park until this one is fixed.

“Anyone who has any information is urged to contact the council on 0161 770 3638 or the police on 101.”


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