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I HAVE just returned from a wonderful evening watching Saddleworth Musical Society’s latest triumph, SMS Pinafore.

It is sometimes so easy to forget the marvelously talented locals who turn out polished professional performances to entertain us.

But it’s not just the onstage team that made this show a success: everything from the orchestra to the sound engineers really made this modern twist of a great classic worth braving a wet evening to attend.

Very well done everyone – give yourselves a bouquet! Can’t wait for your next production.

Mary Bradford (by email)

GLORIOUS ORANGES and greens bathed the Saddleworth countryside as autumn settled in… as captured by our readers.

This picture (below left) spanning the rooftops across Nudger Green in Dobcross was snapped from Thurston Clough by Cyril Fogg.

p8 cyril fogg NUDGER GREEN
Thurston Clough by Cyril Fogg
p8 greenfield margaret maumy
A view in Greenfield by Margaret Maumy


And this gorgeous image (above right) was sent in by Margaret Maumy who enjoys the wonderful view from her lounge window in Greenfield.

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MAY I suggest you start a campaign to stop the silliness of moving the clocks backwards and forwards.

It’s going to be dark in the afternoon now until the beginning of April next year. We should be on Saddleworth summer time all the time.

Do others agree?

BM, Springhead (by email)

IN RESPONSE to the article in last month’s newspaper about Saddleworth School asking for donations, I actually don’t mind. The clue is in the wording – it’s a donation whether it’s a few pennies or hundreds of pounds and it is a personal choice.

What I object to is the school’s disregard for the plight of many parents who find themselves having to tighten their belts.

Last year I bought my daughter a pair of very expensive sturdy kickers that I knew would last a couple of years as her feet are no longer growing. They came up to her ankle, which I thought was sensible given the snowy conditions in winter.

In summer I had to spend money on new shoes that will not be as suitable in snowy conditions. I have also had to spend money on a logo for her sports t-shirt, and the design means I can only buy them at expense from a couple of outlets.

Would jumpers not be more sensible than logo blazers that cost over £30 – and if you times that by three children that’s £100 for one item of schoolwear.

Why can’t schools just be sensible with their uniform policy? Parents have money problems too.

Come schools, let’s not be precious about our identity: have a uniform policy but are ties and blazers and logos really necessary? And if we have to have logos, give me some and I will sew or iron them on.

Money-mindful mum, Saddleworth (by email)

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WIKIPEDIA TELLS me I live in the 5th richest country in the world (measured by nominal GDP). It’s appalling I should be asked to pay a regressive poll tax towards my child’s education.

But I know this will be down to increasingly brutal and economically illiterate cuts by this ideologically-driven Tory government and NOT down to hardworking teachers and governors.

The only good thing is maybe now these cuts are affecting the middle classes, there will be more understanding for the plight of the poorest. For those one in four eligible to vote that voted Tory, ‘cheers’. Maybe you’ll think twice next time.

Steve, Grasscroft (by email)


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