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I WAS very interested in your article on sat nav misrouting in the March newspaper.

We live at Lane Head in Greenfield. The correct/easy route is up Friezland Lane and turn right at the signpost for Lane Head. Sat navs insist on turning right at the turning before this, up Greenmans Lane.

This is slightly shorter, but is a very difficult lane ending in a very steep, narrow junction with the Lane Head lane. It is just possible, although uncomfortable, with a small car. Large cars struggle, and it is impossible for delivery vehicles. We always have to ask delivery men to check with us in advance.

I know some sat navs are not programmable but for those that are a change to this route would be very welcome.

Peter Hodgson, Greenfield (by email)


PILES OF rubbish causing an eyesore near Greenfield Railway Station are to be removed after enquiries by the Saddleworth Independent.greenfield railway rubbish

A disgusted reader sent this picture into the newspaper, showing the build up of litter thrown over from Oldham Road down onto the embankment behind the tracks.

He said: “It’s such a shame people litter like this and make a mess of the community for everyone else.”

A spokesman for Network Rail confirmed: “We are aware of a build up of litter on our land at Greenfield station and will clear it as soon as possible.

“We urge everyone to dispose of their litter responsibly to help keep the surrounding environment pleasant for everyone.”

A spokesperson for Oldham Council added: “Cleaning up our communities costs the council and residents around £1m each year, so if we all cleared up after ourselves this would not only help improve the area but also save money.

“The council will take enforcement action against those who are found to have dropped litter or left fly tipping and this includes issuing fixed penalty notices or legal action.”

If you see anyone littering or fly-tipping report them to Oldham Council on 0161 770 2244 or submit a report online via


Just to say ‘thanks’ to your wonderful newspaper for giving me and my friend a great night’s entertainment, courtesy of Oldham Band (Lees) and their Norwegian guests, since I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets for the Civic Hall concert.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

Sheila Bocking, Lydgate (by email)


IT WAS with a great sense of sadness, and no small amount of disappointment, that I learnt of the closure of youth services at the Satellite Centre in Greenfield.

Sadness, as generations of children (myself included), from not only Saddleworth but from all over the area, have enjoyed and benefitted from the local council-provided services hosted at the Satellite. This is something now lost to current and future generations of Saddleworth young people.

Disappointment, that of the nine councillors for Saddleworth and Lees, only the four Liberal Democrat councillors voted to keep Saddleworth’s local youth services.

Amazingly, only one of the Saddleworth South councillors (the Lib Dem) voted to keep the services, with both Conservative councillors, Sheldon and Hudson, voting with the Labour led-Council.

An even bigger disappointment was that the Independent councillor also chose to vote to end his important youth service and I cannot help but wonder at the rationale that led to this decision from someone who was elected on a ‘Saddleworth first’ stance.

Unsurprisingly, the Labour councillor voted to take whatever he could out of Saddleworth, as Labour councillors have done for as long as I can remember, and despite all their rhetoric about ‘British Values’, the UKIP councillor was happy to help Labour strip away this provision for the youth and future of the Saddleworth area and people.

I’m sad and disappointed; but they should feel ashamed to call themselves Saddleworth councillors.

Saddleworth Suffers Again (by email)

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