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Danger on the roads

SPEEDING DRIVERS in Saddleworth are a serious concern.

I doubt if many (particularly 4×4 or high-end vehicle owners) have ever heard of the Highway Code, never mind read it.

Why is it they just fail to comprehend if they are on the same side of the road as stationary traffic they are supposed to give way to vehicles approaching them?

Instead, they insist on forging ahead, putting other drivers at a serious risk.

And the recent good weather has brought another menace to our roads: potty cyclists.

You don’t have to pass a test (more is the pity) to ride a bike. Nor, it would seem, do you have to obey the Highway Code.

These Velcro-clad loons wobble their way all over our highways without a care for other people’s safety.

How many times have you tried to negotiate a main road only to be confronted by a bunch of cyclists three or four deep in front of you chatting or, even worse, dodging in and out of cars, unsighted by drivers?

Bah-humbug, Austerlands (by email)

Saddleworth scenes

THIS STUNNING colourful photograph of Saddleworth’s glorious hills was sent it by Cyril Fogg.

It captures the sheep grazing on Wharmton Hill next to the TV mast while the evening light illuminates the heather-covered Alphin Pike.


Sweet as a rose

I HAVE been quite amused at the letters in recent editions of the Saddleworth Independent referring to ‘horrid horse poo’.

My father used to look forward to the rag and bone man, with his donkey-drawn cart, and the local milk float, drawn by a horse, because the poo (or horse manure as it was called in those days) did wonders for his roses!

He had some of the best roses in the village and I have the certificates to prove it, which he won at the Church Hall Flower Show, which was held every two years at Friezland and Greenfield Mill Social Club.

So, come on horse lovers, get your shovels out and grow some flowers!

‘Rose lover’, Grasscroft (by letter)

People power

SADDLEWORTH PARISH Councillors should heed your page one story – People Power – from last month.

Having seen first hand how well Dobcross villagers organised their own meeting with Oldham councillor officers and our MP to discuss road issues surrounding the village, I ask: do we really need a Parish Council?

Every Saddleworth village now has its own community committee which is more than capable of getting things done.

DIPLOMAT, Grotton (by email)


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