Vintage clothing is the future at COMMON ILKE

WHEN David Uddgren-Young was looking for premises for his vintage clothing business he also decided to go back in time.

So, 19th century Gatehead Mill on Delph New Road is now home to one of Saddleworth’s newest businesses.

The opening of David’s fashionable COMMON ILKE vintage general store is the latest progression of a venture that began trading on eBay.

“I’ve always had a love of vintage and heritage clothing,” said Dobcross-based David, 40.

“I used to work in Leeds for BMB as a menswear buyer. The commute on the M62 was taking its toll so I decided to take the plunge and set this up as a full-time business.

“I was trading online to begin with.

“We moved into Gatehead in February and it has taken us until June to get everything in place to get it launched.

“I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

“I guess it’s not what you to expect to find on a trading estate in Saddleworth.

“But we have tried to do a nice old, industrial style shop fit inside. There’s even an old mending desk from a mill down the road.

“We have tried to create a place where people can come in, relax and browse.

“It’s a great location for a niche, destination store.”

COMMON ILKE stocks a range of true vintage clothing over 20 years old including American brands: Woolrich, Schott and LL Bean.

“We also have a lot of hunting jackets, red/black plaids, leather. flying jackets, A2, and G1,” said David.

“There are also British brands like Barbour and Belstaff – true heritage brands.

“I have been trading on line for nearly two years and it got me into this position and enabled me to think there is a market to have a store and launch our own website.”

For more information about COMMON ILKE visit their website:

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