Warm Homes Oldham saves residents £600,000 last year

HOUSEHOLDS ACROSS Oldham are benefitting from warmer and healthier homes thanks to an award-winning home energy scheme.

warm homes oldhamOver the last year ‘Warm Homes Oldham’ helped nearly 600 households out of fuel poverty, saving around £600,000 off their energy bills and ensuring they can afford to keep their heating on next winter.

The pioneering scheme was launched in 2012 by Oldham Council, NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Oldham Housing Investment Partnership (OHIP).

In 2015/16 they invested £300,000 in the scheme, and accessed a further £1.4 million of grant funding from the government, utility companies and energy charities.

This has paid for home improvements, such as boilers and insulation, as well as support from qualified advisors in saving energy and maximising income.

In total over 3,600 people have been helped out of fuel poverty since the scheme started, and this has a positive effect on their health and wellbeing.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives, said: “Warm Homes Oldham is a great example of how the council is working co-operatively with its partners to improve the lives of residents.

“We are improving lives and also saving money for the council and the NHS that would otherwise be spent on treating cold-related illnesses and other related issues.”

Denis Gizzi, Managing Director for NHS Oldham CCG, said: By approaching healthcare holistically and looking at a patient’s lifestyle as a whole, rather than simply treating them for a clinical condition, we can help to improve and sometimes even prevent health problems and long term conditions from occurring in the first place.

“We are thrilled to hear that the scheme has delivered significant savings this year, and look forward to continuing to work with our partners to make improvements in the future.”

The scheme has been renewed again for 2016/17 with a target of a further 1,000 residents to be helped out of fuel poverty.

For more information about Warm Homes Oldham, or to book a free, no obligation survey, visit www.warmhomesoldham.org or call 0800 019 1084.


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