Watch your speed! Now ‘twenty is plenty’ in Greenfield

THE centre of Greenfield is to be designated a 20 mile per hour zone as part of new Oldham Council’s social distancing measures to improve pedestrian safety.

A host of side roads will also see the speed limit reduced to 20mph when the new temporary order comes into place on Monday, December 14.

Chew Valley Road in Greenfield

Additionally, three pairs of road ‘cushions’ are due to be placed on a section of Chew Valley Road, adjacent to St Mary’s Primary School, to beef up the school safety zone.

The ‘twenty is plenty’ restrictions will be in force for 18 months or until the council decides otherwise.

Previously, Saddleworth South ward councillors supported two small sections of main village roads being reduced from 30mph (reported in the Independent’s November edition) but suggested other stretches ‘policed’ themselves due to parked cars and other restrictions.

Cllr Graham Sheldon said: “These measures are overkill and are going to cost a fortune.

“If the author of these actions had bothered to speak to ward councillors, I am sure they would have been informed that there is absolutely no need to take this action on most of the side roads.”

A total of nine ‘terminal’ signs will be introduced across Greenfield indicating the start of the new 20mph zones.

Greenbridge Lane

The full list of roads to be affected includes the full length of Chew Valley Road from Chapel Road to the Clarence roundabout, Manchester Road, from Chew Valley Road for 230 metres westerly, the full length of Wellington Road, Greenbridge Lane, Lower Frenches Drive, Oakview Road, Ladhill Lane and Shaw Street.

A copy of the order can be examined at Oldham Council offices, civic reception, between the hours of 8.40am and 5pm on Monday to Friday. Telephone 0161 770 4836, ref: LJM/ 19096.

Oldham Council was approached for a comment but had not replied before the Independent
went to press.

• A group of Delph residents have failed in their bid to have a section of double yellow lines removed fron a section of Denshaw Road.

A temporary order has now been made permanent following last months Traffic Regulation Order panel meeting.

The No Waiting at Any Time order was passed 3 – 2 votes with chair Peter Davis having the casting vote.

An OMBC spokesperson said: “The views of objectors were considered but it was felt they would be detrimental to road safety and traffic management”.

4 Replies to “Watch your speed! Now ‘twenty is plenty’ in Greenfield”

  1. A survey last year found that more people were killed in 20mph zones than 30mph zones, has this been checked and if it is correct why are we implementing them.

  2. 20 mph will be welcome given many drivers seem to zoom past my house on Chew Valley Roads at speed well over 30mph. But it’ll only be effective if it’s enforced.

  3. I agree with Greenfield Resident in as much as laws are only effective if they are enforced. We all know that signage alone is ineffective, as demonstrated everyday in Uppermill, and yet the proposal to install cushions penalises everybody through damage to the steering tracking of cars wheels not to mention extra stress on suspension and brake parts. Then there’s additional pollution as cars slow down and speed up again at these cushions, not ideal at a school location.
    Cllr. Sheldon is right to call for speed cameras as he did for Uppermill. These penalise only those who break the law and do not affect those who don’t.

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