Weather forecast: Thursday, November 12 – Sunday, November 15

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Jon Baylis has had a passion for the weather since the age of six, when he experienced extreme cold winters to blazing hot sunshine and torrential thunderstorms while living in America.

Using his own personal weather station to record statistics including temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed, gusts, and direction, he provides forecasts across Oldham.

Here, he gives a brief outlook for the weather over the next few days.

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It’s been a lively few days as our Autumn settled spell came to an end. We had over an inch of rainfall on Monday and then windy conditions followed. The far northwest of the UK is set to be hit by Abigail, the first named UK Storm [by the Met Office], as we approach the weekend but what impact will it have on us? Also, after the record-breaking warmest night ever in November on Monday night, is there any sign of colder weather?

A drier and quieter spell of weather on Thursday, albeit brief. Sunny spells and dry for daylight hours. Winds increasing later on as well as cloud amounts. A little fresher than recently. Rain into the evening with gusty winds. Max 13°C.

A colder day on Friday, a shock to the system after the recent mildness, with some squally showers. Hail is possible, maybe a crack of thunder and just maybe a bit of sleet over the highest hills. Feeling cold in a strong wind with local gales as Abigail brushes the top-left-hand corner of the UK. Cold-wise, it’s only a one-day cold spell. Max 9°C.

Saturday will have bright spells and showers to start the day but soon more rain pushes in from the west as ex-Hurricane Kate arrives. Gradually milder again, but as Friday, a very windy day. Max 12°C.

Saturday’s rain clears away Sunday morning with some brightness to follow but short-lived as rain is likely to come in from the south-west later in the day. Some uncertainty over Sunday’s weather with the unsettled theme so keep an eye out on Twitter. Max 14°C.

Looking ahead and next week remains unsettled. Temperatures cooler and more typical for November with bright spells in between spells of rain and wind. No sign of any snow or significant cold.

October 2015 Stats:
Warmest 18.9°C
Coldest 3.4°C
Wettest 10mm
Windiest 30mph
Total Rainfall 45.4mm.

Thanks for reading, Jon


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