What will it cost for new Greater Manchester Mayor and his plans?

Greater Manchester Mayor: Andy Burnham

ANDY Burnham’s appointment as Greater Manchester’s first Mayor will hit taxpayers in the pocket this April.
In line with government policy, elected mayors can add their own charges to council tax bills for direct costs related to their role, including the running of their own offices.
A new Mayoral charge, ranging from £6 per household up to £15, is proposed to pay for tackling congestion, eradicating rough sleeping and work on the controversial GM Spatial Framework.
The former Labour leader candidate also has responsibility for emergency services.
The fire levy will remain unchanged for 2018/19, but the police charge is increasing to help recruit 50 extra officers while Police Community Service Officer (PCSO) numbers will remain the same.
If approved, residents in an average Band B property in Greater Manchester will see a total increase of £16.33.
An average Band D householder, including many in Saddleworth, can expect to pay an extra £21.
It all adds up to around a nine per cent increase on residents’ council tax for 2017/2018.
A final decision on the exact amounts is due in February.
If ratified they will be added to local council tax bills when they are set by each of the 10 Greater Manchester councils, including Oldham MBC.
“I recognise this is a big ask for people to pay more, especially in these difficult times,” says Mr Burnham.
“But at the same time I am facing pressure from the public to go further and faster on tackling homelessness and congestion while protecting green space.
“I have tried to get the balance right, keeping bills down but also keeping Greater Manchester leading the way.”
The proposed Mayoral tax for 2018/19 is:
Band A: £6
Band B: £7
Band C: £8
Band D: £9
Band E: £11
Band F: £13
Band G: £15
The proposed total amount payable for police, fire and the new mayoral charge in 2018 (compared to 2017 total precept amount is) is:
Band A: £162.16 (£148.61)
Band B: £189.18 (£172.85)
Band C: £216.22 (£197.55)
Band D: £243.25 (£222.25)
Band E: £297.31 (£271.64)
Band F: £351.35 (£321.05)
Band G: £405.41 (£370.51)
What do you think of the Mayor’s proposed increases? Is it too high or not high enough?
Let us know by emailing: trevor@saddind.co.uk or write to: Saddleworth Independent, Units 3&4, 45 High Street, Uppermill, Oldham, OL3 6HS.

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  1. Considering Councillors extract high expenses, I was under the impression that the number of Councillors would be reduced which would in turn offset the council tax. Furthermore, with the increases in Council Tax to these levels in addition to higher Taxes, Mortgages, Utility Bills etc there will be even more people homeless due to them not being able to pay their bills. in conclusion, why do we even need a Mayor of Greater Manchester when we already have local mayors? Mind you high taxes and Labour always go hand in hand.

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