Where do you read yours?: Abu Dhabi

EVEN DURING a fast-paced visit to the Formula One racing in Abu Dhabi, one of our loyal readers found a quiet moment to read the Saddleworth Independent.

Lawrence Perrins, who lives in Grotton, was visiting the area last November with his wife Audrey, and popped into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to cheer on Lewis Hamilton.

Lawrence Perrins in Abu Dhabi

Lawrence, who is president of the Saddleworth and District Ferret Breeders and Turnip Growers Association (affiliate), was also on a personal mission – delivering two association car stickers to Oliver Robinson from Halifax, who was also there for the race, and Paul Failoni, whose parents owned The Alpine restaurant in Denshaw.

Paul, who now lives and works in Abu Dhabi, paid for his sticker in UAE dirhams so Lawrence is watching the exchange rates carefully prior to depositing.

Paul, Oliver and Lawrence’s son Richard went to Rishworth School together.

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