Where do you read yours?: July

WHETHER TRAVELLING for business or pleasure, our readers send us snaps to show they never go far from home without their copy of the Saddleworth Independent.

And even moving to live overseas does not stop one lady getting her hands regularly on the popular newspaper. 

Jean Davis, nee Dunkerley, was born and raised in Uppermill but emigrated to Brampton, Ontario, in Canada after marrying the late Charles Davis in 1952.

Pictured here reading the Independent on Victoria Day she said: “I just love to read about the village and area when I can.

“This is one way to get caught up on what is happening back home.”

If you have a picture of a family member or a friend reading the Independent at home or abroad to share with our thousands of loyal readers, send it to us in high-res, j-peg format. Don’t forget to include your personal details and location where the picture was taken. Emails please to: aimee@saddind.co.uk.

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