Where Rimmon meets Gandhi you’ll find new clothing range

A FIGURE from Saddleworth legend and two iconic former world statesmen are inspirations for a new eco-friendly clothing brand.

The brainchild of Steven Lees, the Rimmon range-named after the water nymph said to have resided in the waters of Chew Brook-is made from organic, fair trade cotton.

To press home the message of sustainability and help for the environment, Steve’s t-shirts reference speeches by Dr Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

“Everyone is aware of the issues over plastic and there is more emphasis now than ever before on recycling, regenerating and trying to save the planet,” said Steve, owner of Saddleworth Outdoor on High Street, Uppermill.

“The words of Luther King ‘The Revolution of Values’ and Gandhi’s ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ are as relevant now as they were relevant then.

“The other saying is ‘Time to do something amazing’ and we all want to do that.

“I have been thinking about doing something for about six months. And then it got to the stage to stop thinking and to do something about it.

“I came up with the designs and it’s gone from there. The cotton comes from specific farms, no pesticides are used and workers are in a fair-trade environment.

“We’ve used non-toxic, eco-friendly water-based inks for the designs.”

The t-shirts retail for £15 and knitwear from £25. An extended range of other ethical clothing for men and women is on order.”

For more information visit www.saddleworthoutdoor.co.uk or find them on Facebook.

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