Will latest car wash plan for Tesco Greenfield cause waves?

A NEW bid to introduce a hand car wash and valeting centre on Tesco store car park in Greenfield has been launched.

A previous application was refused by Saddleworth Parish and Oldham Councils in 2014.

Proposed site of car wash at Tesco in Greenfield

The latest application was also rejected by the Parish Council planning committee at its September meeting. A final decision, however, will be made by Oldham Council.

The latest plans have been again submitted by London based Waves Consultancy Limited. Waves manages around 180 car washes at Tesco stores in the UK.

If successful, nine car parking spaces on the River Tame side of the Tesco site will be removed to erect an office, canopy and associated advertising signage.

Waves’ statement in support of their application says the wash and valeting areas will create employment for an estimated four full-time and four part-time jobs.

The proposed opening times are Monday to Saturday, 8am to 7pm and Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

Four years ago, in refusing the application, Oldham Council said: “The proposed hand car wash by reason of its location will lead to the manoeuvring of vehicles associated with the hand car wash within the supermarket car park to the detriment of safety of all users of the supermarket.”

The new proposed site for the car wash and canopy is four parking spaces down from the 2014 plan.

However, Waves’ state: “The proposed location has been selected after consideration was given to the provision of services (water, power and drainage) and a position that would minimise any impact on the customers wishing to visit the Store.

“The proposed layout is positioned to permit safe access across the car park for customers who can use the designated pedestrian walkways for access to the Store.

“We believe that the car park will have adequate capacity for this proposal, even at the busiest time of the year.

“We do not believe the proposed car wash will affect the egress/ingress routes of the car park and we do not think there will be any impact on local transport.”

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  1. Tesco were supposed to provide a petrol station, but failed to do so. They were also supposed to reconstruct Ghandi’s archway, and also failed to do this too. They shold be refused permission for this they have failed to meet their promises to the community.

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