Saddleworth Scenes: Window on the past

IN our increasingly fast paced lives, head down scurrying to make meetings, keep appointments or run errands, we can often overlook little clues to Saddleworth’s fascinating past.

No one is ever going to overlook the magnificent scenery or the colossus structure that is the Grade II listed Uppermill Viaduct. But there are smaller and fascinating glimpses into a bygone era that can get missed.

So, we have relaunched our ‘Where in Saddleworth’ feature and want readers to contribute as well.

If you spot an object, an unusual feature, or inscription that has baffled you. Or want to share it to the area then send a picture to the Independent and we will feature in the paper. The starter for 10 in our May edition (page 35) was of two stone lintels inscribed:

‘For our Queen’ and ‘Empire and Liberty’ in reference to Queen Victoria. They can be seen above St Thomas Court on Church Street, Delph. The building was once Delph Conserative Club.

This month, we move to another of Saddleworth’s villages beginning with ‘D’.

We are generous with our clues! So, where is it and what does it depict? Email answers and any of your pictures to

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