Wood you believe it? New trees added to Diggle landscape

ONE thousand new trees have found a home on a plot of land off Huddersfield Road in Diggle.

A collective effort involving the Woodland Trust, The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), Digglers Charitable Trust (DCT) and a local farmer ensured all trees were safely delivered and planted.

Jacob and volunteer planters

Providing the collection of common alder, aspen, downy birch, field maple, common oak, Rowan, Blackthorn, Dog Rose and Hazel survive any arctic onslaught, they are expected to bud for the first time this spring.

TCV members visited the 0.93 hectares plot of rough grazing ground before Christmas and braving inclement weather planted the trees brought from the Woodland Trust’s Thorpe Park Nurseries. 

Kathleen Pearson, chairwoman of the DCT who instigated the project, then recruited an extra pair of hands to ensure all saplings were firmly rooted into the soil.

The Trust’s main focus is to provide bursaries to students hoping to become vets via a secondary degree route. It is also heavily into conservation via its small holding in Diggle.

Hannah Marshall, outreach advisor for the Woodland Trust designed the new woodland dedicated to the memory of Lady Mary Herries, the daughter of the late Duke of Norfolk, the Digglers’ former patron.  

A plaque denoting the name of the new woodland and a secondary one dedicated to trees lost in the Amazon rain forest have also been erected.

Kath knew Lady Mary Herries, who died in April 2017, aged 76, for many years. 

“Lady Mary left a legacy in her will to the charity. I miss her friendship so therefore this wood will be dedicated to her memory,” she said.

Since 2015, the TCV and local communities, in conjunction with OVO Energy, will have planted nearly one million carbon-busting trees.

Throughout the bare-root planting season of 2019/20, the aim is to plant another 350,000+ trees in over 800 green spaces across the UK.

To find out how to become involved visit www.tcv.org.uk

To see how the Digglers Trust can help students visit www.thedigglers.co.uk/bursary_index

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