Young Saddleworth entrepreneurs launch local job hub

By Mark Barrow

DO YOU need that conservatory completing? Or are you interested in learning a new skill? If so, then a revolutionary Saddleworth company might benefit you.

p19 taska luke greenwood
Luke Greenwood, the man behind Taska

‘Taska’ has been set up by three innovative young people to create an online database where jobs that need doing can be posted and accepted within a local community.

The business, founded by Luke Greenwood, 21, Callum Fletcher, 22, and Josh Hirst, 19, allows people to ask for help with a particular project, and suggest a price they are willing to pay.

People can respond to requests by ‘taking on’ the task – and they can be rated on their performance once the task is completed.

It aims to promote work on a local, flexible and friendly basis for those who are pushed for time or have it to spare.

The idea, according to company CEO Luke Greenwood, stemmed from his personal disenchantment as an employee, and his passion to choose a job which matched his interests.

He said: ‘’The idea initially started out of frustration. Although you can choose your job, you can’t choose when you do it or how much you earn.

‘’There must be a mass of talented people who haven’t been able to pursue their desires due to circumstances out of their control, which is a shame.

‘’I think Taska has the potential to achieve – we are moving in the right direction.’’

Although ‘Taska’ was only set up last year, it has already received interest from a variety of individuals and companies both locally and from as far away as America.

The company has recently received help from the Oldham Business Leisure Group, which has led to interest from private investors, helping Taska move into their new-look office next month.

To find out more about Taska, you can find them on Facebook or visit their website:


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