A love letter to our community from Weaver and Wilde

By Cal and Thomas Rowson-Codd at Weaver and Wilde, Advertisement feature

IT seems at the moment that a lot can change in the space of a few weeks.

By the time you are reading this we could again be in lockdown, or perhaps not?

These are very uncertain times but we hope that you are keeping safe and well.

We’ve spent a lot of years working in the hospitality industry, and living locally it’s always been important to be a part of the community that we love.

Since we first opened in November 2019 we have been welcomed with open arms and during the initial lockdown of 2020 your support has been wholly overwhelming.

One thing lockdown brought us was some time to reflect.

The concept of using fresh local produce and partnering local artisan suppliers was something that first sparked our passion (the ‘Wilde’) – the ‘Weaver’ was always a link to the area and its industrial heritage (the community).

The down time of lockdown also allowed us to further embrace the local and season ethos that drives our food menu, inspires the sourcing of our coffee and tea suppliers and extend the artisan suppliers and producers that we partner with.

We’ve expanded what we do and continue to source and sell fresh seasonal British fruit and vegetables, a wide range of coffee, honey, butter, dairy, chutneys and preserves, fresh flowers and plants.

The Autumn harvest will bring with it an extended menu fit for the season with some classic dishes along with the ones you know and love.

We’ll also be extending our opening hours and introducing some warming ‘tipples’ to enjoy as the days begin to draw in.We’ve been truly humbled by the support of our customers, our colleagues and our community over the recent months.

By far we want our biggest sale to be your experience. Coffee will always be at our heart but we are more than just a coffee house…

• Visit Weaver and Wilde at 30 High Street, Uppermill, OL3 6HR. Find out more online
www.weaverandwilde.co.uk or email hello@weaverandwilde.co.uk or call
01457 878222.

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