ASPECT IT: How secure is Office 365 and should your business be using it?

By Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketing Executive at Aspect IT

Threats from cyber crime are on the increase, and one of the most common forms of attacks is through phishing emails, which is where information is obtained via non-legitimate email. 

As an example, cyber criminals often send emails impersonating business of high status (i.e. banks) requesting immediate action to be taken to resolve a fictitious issue with the user’s account. 

They encourage the user to click on a link or to open an attachment which in turn is used to install malware on to their PC and retrieve confidential information. 

So, we have to ask the question: is it safe to be using email at all and how can your business lessen its risk to being a victim of cyber crime? 

This month’s article provides advice as to how a Cloud emailing system, Office 365 email, can be safer than more traditional systems. 

There are several security features which makes Office 365 emails secure. Unlike traditional emailing systems, the Cloud is becoming more developed which provides an opportunity for businesses. In turn, Microsoft has taken the extra measures to enhance the security with these features:

Multi factor authentication: This is an added layer of protection. Once you try to log in or change your password, a code is sent to your mobile device to confirm your identity.

It helps protect you against someone that could be making attempts to hack your accounts. 

Mobile Device Management: This allows you to control and block access to an account from a device which helps protect your emails that could potentially hold confidential information. This proves useful for when someone may lose their mobile phone or gets stolen. 

Email encryption: This ensures only you and the recipient can view emails sent to and from each other. This can protect against the exploitation of credit card information, data and account information etc. 

Microsoft Data Centre: All email accounts are stored in a data centre which can reduce hacking. 

With this, it allows a business and individuals to worry less about their data and confidential information. 

If Office 365 sounds more secure than your current emailing system and you would like to find out more, call 0161 241 9050 or email

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