Yorkshire forever! New party proposes Saddleworth move

LOCAL election history will be made in Saddleworth on Thursday, May 2 when a new political party makes its first appearance at the ballot box.

Duncan Goodman

Austerlands accountant Duncan Goodman is campaigning on behalf of the Saddleworth Yorkshire & Proud! Party, officially registered at the Electoral Commission on November 16, 2018.

The 61-year-old is the SYPP’s inaugural candidate and will stand in Saddleworth North for the Oldham borough elections.

His likely target for possible election to Saddleworth Parish Council will be Springhead Higher and he has already started to canvas on behalf of the SYPP.

Dobcross was the first village to receive his manifesto leaflet, which calls for Saddleworth to be officially integrated back into Yorkshire.

Mr Goodman. originally from Bristol, also urges the wearing of Yorkshire memorabilia, the displaying of the white rose emblem and “talking up how proud we are to be a Yorkshire lad or lass in Saddleworth shops and pubs”.

He told the Independent: “Saddleworth is run from Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council but this is Yorkshire and the campaign is to bring back the historic roots of the area.

“That’s what drives my passion on this topic. I don’t think anyone has stood on this platform before.
“Unless we start doing something now, it is all going to be forgotten.

“At the moment I am a single candidate but what I am aiming to do is try to drum up some head steam to start looking at the boundaries.

“For me, Saddleworth doesn’t get a look in in the local borough. Having a Parish Council helps to keep its identity but it’s not on top of the agenda.

“Plenty of people in Saddleworth do still regard themselves as being based in Yorkshire.

“I am semi-retired now. I love walking the area, it’s an historic area and to me this is a good way of making an impact.”

Saddleworth ceased to be part of Yorkshire’s local government administration in 1974, transferring to Oldham’s control.

However, Yorkshire Day is celebrated annually on August 1 and the White Rose Society – of which Duncan is not yet a member – says the 1974 changes “did not affect traditional and historic county boundaries.”

More information can be found online www.whiterose.saddleworth.net

Anyone interested in standing for the SYPP on May 2 or can help distribute leaflets can email
saddleworth.yorkshire@aol.com or ring 07756 995785.

Party Aims & Objectives

• To promote the full restoration of Saddleworth as an integrated part of Yorkshire, preferably as an independent district council (we have a bigger population than many district councils in England)

• To stand candidates at elections to public offices in the Saddleworth area of Yorkshire, including Saddleworth Parish Council elections and Saddleworth-based wards to the Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

• To campaign for improvements which will benefit the residents of the Saddleworth area, including, but not limited to, transport, local facilities and social and health care

• To campaign for maintenance and safeguarding of environmental standards within the Saddleworth area

• To be a voice of challenge to any decisions or interactions which will have a detrimental impact on the Saddleworth area.

8 Replies to “Yorkshire forever! New party proposes Saddleworth move”

  1. What a load of small-minded nationalistic nonsense – what next, Make Saddleworth Great Again? People really do have far too much time on their hands. Oh, and “originally from Bristol” – HA HA HA HA!!!!!

  2. I think it’s a great idea. My family have lived in Saddleworth for hundreds of years and are Yorkshire folk. Good on you. 🙂

  3. Dear Mr Goodman,

    When there are so many local issues that urgently need resolving including anti-social behaviour, rising crime, infrastructure, heritage, social care, funding cuts and education, why would you choose to stand on such a myopic issue as an historic county boundary?

    This sort of political frippery is insulting to voter’s intelligence and should be treated with the irreverence that it deserves.

    I wish you luck. If you get more than a dozen votes I’ll eat my flat cap.

  4. Saddleworth has always been overrated and I can’t see the attraction of the place and this from someone who was born and bred on the border

  5. What makes him think Kirklees want to take on Saddleworth. Friends that have moved to Marsden tell me the services provided by Kirklees are far worse than those in Oldham. Worry about something that really matters and where you can make a difference. He really puts the SAD in Saddleworth.

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