Aspect IT: How to avoid a business IT disaster

How to avoid a business IT disaster
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IT is our worst nightmare when PCs and servers crash and every bit of data is completely lost – but that can all be fixed if you have the correct procedures in place.

This article will give you some solutions to make sure you’re safe from this happening to you and your business.

It is extremely important to keep these procedures in place and updated so you avoid any issues with your PCs or servers.

Have a disaster recovery plan: This can help your business keep running when things go wrong. Knowing what to do in the event of a disaster can help your business functions keep going with as little disruption as possible.

Back up all files and data: Don’t just save your files on your PC desktop – make sure they’re on your server and on the cloud. This way you’ll be able to get your files back, especially when you’ve got more than one copy.

Without backing up your data you’ve got more chance of losing your files for good and having to start all over again.

Implement server imaging: Server imaging backs up your server data every 15 minutes so that if something suddenly goes wrong you will can restore your data quickly and efficiently. We provide a server imaging service which you can find on our website.

Install antivirus: Anti-virus will keep any unwanted viruses and activity out of your computer system. It will scan and monitor for any suspicious activity to stop any attacks. Anti-virus and anti-ransomware come separately and they both have different functions to protect your PC against malicious activity.

Install anti-ransomware: Anti-ransomware is different to anti-virus software as it targets hackers that try to encrypt data for a ransom. It is better to have both to give you extra protection.

Heimdal is a product we provide that can deal with all kinds of ransom-ware.


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