Aspect IT: How to use cloud technology to work from home and increase productivity

Aspect-IT-SLwebBy Jennifer Ogden – Marketing Manager at Aspect IT

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ARE YOU a small business working from home or thinking about working from home?

Great! You’re not alone. According to research, the mobile worker population will reach approximately 37 per cent of the workforce by the end of 2015- that’s a hefty figure.

The benefits are endless; manage your own time, avoid unreliable transport systems and save on expensive childcare costs. Studies have even suggested working from home can increase productivity and job satisfaction.

So how can this be done effectively? The solution is one of the biggest tech buzzwords of our time: the ‘cloud’. It sounds ominous but it’s actually quite simple.

If something is ‘in the cloud’, it can be accessed online via an internet connection. So whether you’re at home, on the train, in a coffee shop or sunning yourself in Spain, you can always retrieve your data i.e documents, databases and emails. There is no need to stay strapped to a desk!

This flexible way of working has also offered organisations a much safer method of storing data. If a computer breaks or a file is accidentally deleted, there is no cause for concern as the data is safely backed up in the ‘cloud’.

Other cloud tools such as video conferencing and VoIP telephony have enabled employees to be fully integrated with the office network while working remotely. The lower communication costs also mean small businesses can now compete on a level technology playing field.

Whatever the driving force behind working remotely, one thing is clear, the ‘cloud’ can offer professionals a cheaper and more flexible way of working.

To update your old technology or for a seamless transition to the cloud, make sure you contact your IT Support company, who will be able offer you expert guidance throughout the process.

But don’t forget to maintain a healthy work/life balance if you’re working from home – make sure you switch off!


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