ASPECT IT: Top five benefits of IT Service management

The top five benefits of IT Service management
Advertisement feature by Peter Dorotiak, Director at Aspect IT

IN today’s world, IT services are essential.

IT service management (ITSM) allows businesses to get more out of their IT by governing everything from computer hardware maintenance to software distribution.

Over the years, ITSM has become more intertwined with daily business operations, driving everything from day-to-day tasks to long term strategy plans.

Let’s take a look at the top five ways in which IT service management can benefit your business.

1) Increases Efficiency

IT service management can allow you to optimise workflows and get the maximum value out of your current resources. IT asset management, for example, is used to proactively manage the life cycle of your IT assets and so streamline resources and costs. Asset management also creates a system to keep track of IT assets, freeing up employees to focus on more valuable tasks.

2) Improves Productivity

ITSM standardises IT procedures for your business, which ensures your staff have the right tools at their disposal. This also makes processes much more transparent.

When your IT operations are performing efficiently, your team is able to perform more efficiently, too. For example, a structured service management system will create an effective incident response process which can decrease recovery time, allowing staff to get back to work sooner rather than later.

3) Better Customer Experience

Faster operations and more productive employees equate to happier customers. When your IT systems are optimised, your customers will benefit from faster responses and fewer errors or delays. A faster incident management process will enable you to resolve customer issues quickly, increasing their satisfaction and maintaining positive relations.

4) Cost-Effectiveness

As your business grows, the amount you spend on IT infrastructure will increase dramatically, and staff hiring represents a large percentage of this cost. ITSM makes it easier to scale IT infrastructure and operations. Automation can be used to decrease the amount of manual work required, reducing the need for hiring. It also frees up current staff to put their time to more valuable use.

5) Smaller Risks

IT changes are very risky when they are not planned or communicated well. However, ITSM greatly mitigates these risks and enables your business to continue operating as normal during a period of significant change. By formalising roles, processes, and policies, ITSM makes it easier to communicate IT changes with your customers and stakeholders and prepare them for the potential impact well ahead of time.

Here at Aspect IT, we are committed to making sure your business runs at its very best. For more on how we can help you with your IT service management needs, get in touch.

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