Aspect IT: What is Cyber Security?

What is Cyber Security?
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CYBER Security is all about protecting against Cyber Crime. To make it less technical, cyber means online.

This article will explain what Cyber Security is and how you can make sure that you’re completely Cyber Secure.

Cyber Security: Anti-virus is a form of Cyber Security. It blocks out all viruses from entering your computer and making it slow, unresponsive and having your data stolen or manipulated.

Viruses are being created every day which is why your PC prompts you to keep software updated on a regular basis.

Unprotected PCs allow a virus to have unauthorised access and can make files inaccessible, steal your data and much more.

Ransomware is on the rise by online criminals who lock your data and make you pay a certain amount of money to get it back unharmed.

More businesses are being targeted which is why we always encourage you to protect your data and PC fully.

The purpose of an anti-virus is to block and remove viruses and stop them from infecting your PC. However, it doesn’t fully protect against ransomware attacks.

To protect against ransomware, you need to have a strong anti-ransomware package, so it can specifically target this sort of activity.

The best possible advice we could tell you right now is that just one package isn’t enough. We suggest you have anti-virus and anti-ransomware software installed so it makes your protection field much stronger.

How you can protect yourself?

Anti-ransomware package: The main product we recommend is Heimdal. This product targets malicious activity and blocks them from getting in to the system to manipulate your files and data.

This is a package that we not only sell but also use ourselves because it will do the job right.

Install regular updates: Many people dismiss updates on their PC, which you should never do. Updates keep your software up to date with the latest security, app updates etc, so your PC can function efficiently.

If you have your updates set to automatic, it will update as soon as any are available, which is better just in case you forget to check.

Don’t be fooled by emails: Viruses and ransomware can come through emails which may appear normal at a glance. Check the sender address as it may not be legitimate, and if you weren’t expecting an email from a certain company then ignore it and call the company to confirm if the email came from them or not.

Get Professional Help: If you require help or advice for your small business security, then get in touch with us on 0161 621 4050 or visit our website:


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