Cash boost for local causes from kind-hearted shoppers at Saddleworth Co-ops

A BOOST of thousands of pounds has been donated to Saddleworth groups and organisations thanks to the generous ‘Local Community Fund’ run by the Co-op.

The nationwide scheme sees each Co-op branch nominate local organisations, then when members buy a Co-op brand product, one per cent of the money spent goes to their choice of the organisations, while members also receive a five per cent reward.

Christina Stocks, secretary of Friends of Bright Futures, her son Ethan (front), Co-op Lees community pioneer Jeanette Hirst, Rosamund Hayes, chair of Friends of Bright Futures and a learning mentor, Co-op Lees Manager Tony Pickford, and Alison Hughes, Head of Learning at School and treasurer of Friends of Bright Futures

Over the last six months, money has been pouring in and was presented last month to the deserving groups and organisations.

An impressive total of £13,671.98 was raised thanks to generous shoppers at the Lees, Grotton and Moorside stores.

Cheques were presented to Bright Futures School (£4,406.47), St Barnabas Youth Group (£4,394.47) and RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District Branch (£4,811.04).

Bright Futures School for children with autism, which is based in Grasscroft, were delighted to receive the money, which they will use to create a new IT suite.

They are going to transform their old utility room – including a new roof, ceiling, plastering the walls and decorating – into the special space for pupils.

Staff from the Co-op also visited the school in the summer for their ‘Community Day’ to help dig, weed and jet wash in their garden.

Rosamund Hayes, chair of Friends of Bright Futures and a learning mentor at the school, said: “They did a brilliant job and made a big difference – and they even agreed to come back and help with our shed!

“Co-op staff have been brilliant and very supportive of our school and we’re delighted to receive this money.”

Scott Longley and Adrian Green from Saddleworth Village Games receive their cheque from Bradley Donnelly, Co-op Manager at Uppermill

Meanwhile at Co-op Uppermill, a great total of £3,159.52 was split between Saddleworth Museum and Gallery and Saddleworth Village Games.

Adrian Green and Scott Longley, Saddleworth Village Games committee members, collected the cheque from Co-op Uppermill manager Bradley Donnelly.

“This surpassed even our best expectations and we would like to thank each and every one of the Co-op customers who selected us as their chosen charity,” said Adrian.

“Given the cancellation of the opening ceremony and athletics event earlier this year, income was impacted greatly and this will thankfully plug the gap.

“We would also like to thank the staff and colleagues of Co-op Uppermill for their support.”

Charlie Middlewood, from Friends of Saddleworth Museum, receives the cheque from Uppermill Co-op Manager Bradley Donnelly

Charlie Middlewood received the cheque on behalf of Saddleworth Museum and Gallery and said the money will go towards projects and training volunteers to give tours.

“We’re delighted to receive this money and so grateful to shoppers and the Co-op,” he said.

Elsewhere are Delph, a huge £3,225.55 was raised for local causes: Delph Community Association (£1,091.71), Delph Primary School (£1,109.19) and Delph Scouts (£1,024.65).

The Co-op presented their cheques to the grateful groups, and tucked into a mouth-watering cake baked especially for the occasion.

The cheque is presented at Delph Co-op

The next round of community funding runs from November 25, for 11 months. The chosen causes are:

Lees, Grotton and Moorside: Bright Futures, RSPCA, Age UK

Uppermill: Bright Futures, and Uppermill Whit Friday Brass Band Contest

Delph: To be confirmed

υυ Choose your preferred local charity online:

If you are not a member of the Co-op you can register for £1 in store or online.

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