Aspect IT: What to do if you are targeted by scammers

What to do if you are targeted by scammers

Advertisement feature by Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketing Executive

HAVE YOU ever received an email or a text claiming it’s your bank asking you to confirm your details for your account? 

Our best advice would be to completely ignore it as there are many scams around that try to convince you to give out your details.

But what do you do if someone calls you asking to give your PIN number and all the other important information? This article aims to help you know more about this sort of scam and what to do.

Email: You can instantly tell if the email is a scam by the email address or if there are countless spelling mistakes, or it just doesn’t look like it would come from your bank.

Please note that banks would never ask for your information over email which is why we advise you to ignore it. Do not click any links in the email or even open it, just delete it.

Phone: Scammers could contact you via phone call asking you to confirm your bank details. This is something you should be aware of completely. If they say to you they are your bank provider and do not give any kind of indication that they work for the bank, explain to them that you will come in to the bank yourself and sort out what issue they claim your account has. The bank will also never contact you via telephone to confirm details.

Letter: Occasionally scammers will even go to the lengths of contacting you by a letter telling you to email over your details to a specified email (which unfortunately people have fallen victim to).

If you receive a letter, we would advise that you contact your bank directly and they can confirm whether it is from them – and if not then you know it’s a scam.

Be aware: You may not think people fall victim of these scams, but there are a minority who do, which can cause problems for themselves and their bank provider. Make yourself and others aware of these types of scams and what to do in these incidents.

If you receive scam emails too often, we can help you with our spam filtering service for your business. Just contact us for a full quote.


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