Aspect IT: What to do if you lose your mobile phone

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By Peter Dorotiak, Director of Aspect IT

THE MAJORITY of us now depend on our mobile phones. Just about everyone has one! So losing your mobile can be a big problem and that frantic feeling, knowing you’ve misplaced your mobile, isn’t very pleasant.

Whatever kind of mobile you have, whether if it’s a simple Pay As You Go or the latest smart phone, as soon as you know it is lost you need to perform these steps:

1. Call your mobile phone operator: This is essential. If your phone has been stolen or found, that person can use your phone and run up a huge bill. You will not be covered for any calls being made before you reported it missing.

2. Contact your insurance company: Most people will be covered under their home insurance but it is advisable to check you have adequate cover.

There are also a lot of dedicated insurance policies available for gadgets, mainly because gadgets are so expensive.

If you have a company mobile phone, then it is essential you report it to your employer ASAP.  Also, you must inform them if you have any sensitive data on the phone belonging to the company.

But whether you have a company or a personal mobile phone, before the worst does happen, you should have also done the following:

1. Make sure you have backed up: Such a simple task to perform. Don’t lose all your photos and data.

2. Always create a pin code: A simple method of stopping anyone using your mobile.

3. Don’t store unprotected sensitive data on your mobile: If people get access to your phone, the last thing you want them to find are notes with all your passwords stored in them. It’s surprising how many people do it!

4. Keep a note of your phone’s IMEI number: You will need this to report to your mobile phone operator.

5. Use a phone disabling app: Most smart phones have apps available that will render the phone unusable if it goes missing, for example, the iPhone has an app called ‘Find my iPhone’.


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