Aspect IT: Why it is important to have a strong password

Why it is important to have a strong password

Advertisement feature by Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketing Executive at Aspect IT

HAVE you ever set up a password with an account and it’s told you that your password is weak?

Well, that’s where you need to give it more thought as to what the password will be because the weaker it is, the easier it is to guess. That will then make you more at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft, fraud, etc.

If your password is weak then a hacker will be more likely to guess it Here are some tips on how to create a strong password.

Make it longer than 8 characters: Most platforms will not let you continue if your password has less than 8 characters. It’ll be easier to guess if your password is only a few letters long. Make it as long as possible but make sure it’s something you can remember.

Use a variety of special characters: These include commas, exclamation marks, hashtags etc. Using these at the start, middle or end of your password makes it stronger and harder to guess. Which one would be the easiest password to guess: Blue12 or Bl!ue1#?

Use upper and lower-case letters: It’s easy to guess a password if it is all one case. Changing it up a little can make it more difficult for someone to guess. There are password guidelines on some pages and they strongly advise you to use a mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters.

Do not use personal information: Using your birthday or your name in a password is probably the worst thing you could do. If someone manages to get hold of your personal details then they can use it to try to guess your password and if they manage to guess it correctly, then it is bad news for you.

Change your password for each account: Once one of your passwords gets guessed correctly then the chances are all of them will. It’s always advised that you have a different password for each of your accounts.

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