New Saddleworth business is window of opportunity for old legacy

AN exciting new business venture is ensuring the high-quality care and service of one of Saddleworth’s oldest window and door companies does not disappear.

Yvonne and Roy Carey

For 15 years Fortress NW Ltd has been dedicated to installing contemporary and traditional styles, supplying the highest level of security and quality products.

The company, based in Greenfield, was formed by co-directors Alan Storey and Roy and Yvonne Carey, helped by Senior Design Consultant, Roy Jones and senior administrator Bridget Slee.

But now, with Alan, 75, and Roy, 71, announcing their retirements after long and successful careers, Fortress, after much consideration, has decided to close.

But the curtains are not closing on its legacy, as Roy and Yvonne Carey are launching Roy Carey Bespoke Ltd to continue Fortress’s services and values.

In a letter to customers, Roy wrote: “It is with a great deal of sadness and sincere regret that we are announcing the closure of Fortress NW Ltd.

“Working with Alan in excess of 30 years and Roy for 23 years has been like a family concern.

“However, this monumental decision to close Fortress was due to the long overdue retirement announcements from both Alan and Roy.

“Alan and Roy have both worked long past the normal retirement age. This in itself shows how much love and pride they have for the company.

“After much consideration we realised that it would be impossible and impractical to try to replace what in effect are two family members.

“Yvonne and I have devoted most of our lives to the PVCu window and door industry and have decided to set up a much smaller company by the name of Roy Carey Bespoke Ltd.

“Our intention is to continue to service Saddleworth and the surrounding areas, offering the same kind of care and considerate service customers at Fortress have enjoyed and been provided with.

“May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years and we are confident you will join us in wishing Alan and Roy a very happy and well-deserved retirement.”

To get in touch with Roy Carey Bespoke Ltd, call: 01457 875047 or email:

The Saddleworth Independent would like to wish ROY CAREY Bespoke Ltd every success in their venture.


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