Aspect IT: Why you should use The Cloud

Why you should use The Cloud
Advertisement feature by Danielle Skinner, Digital Marketing Executive

THE Cloud is all that is ever talked about when it comes to data storage – but why?

Probably because it’s the most updated method of saving your data somewhere safe.

This article will help you understand why The Cloud is the best option for you.

The Cloud is an online source where you can store data without having to save it to your PC. It allows you to save files online and access them through a browser such as Google or Firefox.

Reliable for disaster recovery: If something happens to your PC, all your data and files will be completely wiped – unless you have The Cloud. It’s an online source for you to save your files and is not affected in the event of a disaster.

Cost effective: Some platforms offer small storage space for free, but if you need quite a lot of space, you can get it for an affordable cost. The more space you need the more it will cost without getting too expensive.

Access from anywhere: The best part is you can access The Cloud from anywhere if you have an internet connection. Once you access a device that’s connected to Wi-Fi, just simply log into to your account and your data will be there.

More secure than a desktop: The Cloud is much harder to hack than a desktop, so it is more secure than some people think. It is password protected and can be encrypted to make sure nothing is shared beyond your account.

Automatic updates: Fed up of manually updating your PC to save your data properly? With The Cloud, you’ve got no worries as all updates are done automatically. So, when you log into your account you will always have the latest update.

Are you interested in Cloud backup? Aspect IT provide an efficient online backup service that keeps your data stored securely to The Cloud.

If you would like more information you can call us on: 0161 241 9050.


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