My oh My: Slade fan Tony has only gone and bought his own Brewery

TONY Pye is a dab hand at dealing with unhappy members of the public from his previous life as an Inland Revenue complaints manager.

Tony Pye with his new brew Genesis IPA

So, the new owner of Greenfield Brewery is pleased the only time the phone rings now is with customers ordering more beer.

Already, Tony has added a new ale to the Brewery’s favourites.

And the naming of his Genesis IPA owes everything to his first venture into commercial brewing and his love of 70s Glam Rockers, Slade!

“I am not sure I will ever brew a beer called ‘Cum on Feel the Noize’,” laughs Tony who quit his job of 32 years last June to turn his hand to making beer.

“I reached 60 and had enough,” he explained.

“My wife Tricia and I had talked about doing something like this for a while and she knew I wasn’t overly happy at HMRC.”

Now, the long standing home brew enthusiast has turned his hobby into a career, buying the Tanners Mill based business from previous owner, Tony Harratt.

Tony mark two admits he’s still learning the ropes but has good support, including Dave Bridge, owner of Bridge Beers micro pub in Stalybridge.

“It’s been hard work, probably more than I thought,” admits the Manchester United fan.

“But I’ve done seven or eight brews on my own and they seem to have gone well.

“The Genesis IPA, seems to have gone well so far, oddly with new customers rather than traditional ones.”

There could be more new and revived beers on the horizon as Tony mark one left a substantial list of recipes for his successor.

With orders coming in from: Sheffield, Burnley and Liverpool as well as local hostelries and bars, Tony mark two is cranking up production and spreading the appeal of Greenfield Brewery.

Individuals or landlords can order beer by calling Tony on 01457 879789 or email:


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