ASPECT IT: Windows 11 – is it worth upgrading?

By Peter Dorotiak, Director: Aspect IT, based in Springhead, offers IT support, cloud services, website design, software development and more. Find out more online or call 0161 241 9050.

Microsoft launched Windows 11 on October 5, 2021 – six years since their first version of Windows 10.

But what does Windows 11 offer? Is it worth upgrading? Here we look at some of its
new features.

New start menu and multiple desktops
The visual switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is subtle, but there are some notable improvements. The start menu is redesigned and appears in the middle of the task bar.

There are also improvements to the multiple desktops feature. An example of this feature is allowing users to have two desktops, one for work and one for gaming.

External monitor support
If you are a laptop user that also uses external monitors, then Windows 11 has a feature just for you. Windows 11 now remembers where your windows were positioned if you unplug your laptop and then reconnect it.

Not a game changer, but a lot of people with laptops and external monitors will love this.

Android Apps
Partnering with the Amazon App Store, Windows 11 is currently allowing users to beta test Android Apps. Although not available to all users yet, it is a bold step.

Enhanced Gaming
An upgraded Xbox app is available with Windows 11 which improves the gaming experience.

Our Conclusion
Windows 11 does have many improvements and we believe it will be a great operating system. However, a few tweaks are still needed and when Microsoft irons those out, it will be worth the switch.

Always be cautious of upgrading to a new operating system on its immediate release, there will inevitably be some glitches.

Many users will begin to receive notifications of their free upgrade on compatible hardware very soon.

Remember to back up your data in case something goes wrong and always allow plenty of time to perform the upgrade.

Inevitably we’ll all have to upgrade at some point or purchase new equipment – Windows 10 is due to retire in 2025!

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