Barber Danny’s Grand weekend at Silverstone

BARBER Danny Robinson is still revved up with excitement after swapping Uppermill High Street for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

While Lewis Hamilton won the race to stay ahead of his rivals in the Formula One drivers’ championship, Danny and colleague, Kilian Maddison, were in pole position to spread the word about their business.

The pair became the first independent barbers to work at the Silverstone site in the history of the famous Northamptonshire circuit.

“It was a huge success and we were fully booked the whole three days,” said Danny.

“It was an amazing atmosphere. Everyone who walked past our stand kept saying what a great idea it was.

“We made some amazing contacts, including head of Universal Music and Mercedes global events.
“In total, around 90,000 people passed our stand while we were there.

“Loads of doors have opened through this event alone and the future is looking bright.”

The boys, whose pop-up barbers’ shop was built with the help of Composite Wood Company in Oldham, will return to the circuit on August 25 for the GoPro British Moto GP.

Danny and Kilian clinched the contract earlier this year after being invited to Silverstone to pitch for the work.

“Kilian organised much of it and sent out a lot of emails,” said Danny at the time.

“Sometimes you never hear back but the people from Silverstone got in touch and asked us down for a meeting.

“I wouldn’t say we were sceptical, but we weren’t too sure what to expect.

“We did a laptop presentation and they had done their research on us.

“A lot of it probably had to do with Kilian winning barber of the year while we could back it up with some of the good things we have done.

“They gave us the tour and it was great being able to stand on the podium.

“Then they offered us a a one-year rolling contract.”

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