Wilson McGladdery take sound of music around the UK with 19-date tour

By Mike Milenko

I caught up with Saddleworth-based acoustic folk duo Wilson McGladdery who are about to embark on a 19-date tour of the UK.

The band – made up of Gaynor Wilson and Paul McGladdery – will start in Bradford on September 6 before ending with a well-earned pint after performing at Middlesbrough Little Theatre on December 7.

With so many upcoming venues, I wondered what is their favourite place to perform:
Gaynor loves the Blues Bar in Harrogate which is a fine establishment. Paul loves the Scottish folk clubs, for their enthusiasm and warm welcome! Scotland’s the best place in the world!

How did you both meet?
Fate brought us together in 2015, to write and perform songs and stories. I’m still unsure of the reason, or if there needs to be one? All I know is that it continues to speed ahead and I don’t know where we’re heading, but I’m intrigued to find out.

Were you in other bands before WM?
We’re both Taurus the bull, so the urge to entertain is indelibly scripted in our make-up. However, in answer to your question, we’ve both musical baggage, though Gaynor’s leadership of the Tameside Youth Orchestra is the only point of interest.

What is a typical day for you both? 
We’re very different people outside WM and we lead almost opposite lives. We’re both early risers and share compulsive behaviour, but beyond that, Paul writes nonsense that ultimately becomes songs and stories and Gaynor is the natural musician, editor and arranger of said nonsense.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?
It’s very difficult to imagine such a large part of life not being there. Paul would probably write that sitcom he’s threatened to write since 1066 and only heaven knows what would become of Gaynor Wilson! That story is yet to be written!

Where would you like to travel to next? 
We’re trying to head ‘DARN SAFT’ next year, it’s an area we haven’t really explored much yet.

Who influences your music?
Leonard Cohen and Jake Thackray. We get compared to the Beautiful South a lot which is probably the unisex vocals.

What is next for Wilson McGladdery? 
A new single/ EP will be released this year. A new book ‘All Men are my Slaves’ or ‘The Prime of Miss G Wilson’ has already been written, following on from the Attention Seekers/Publicity Stunts serial. I’m actually currently looking for funding to turn the books into films.

Where can we hear more from you both?
Facebook: Wilson McGladdery

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