Beady eye of law watches on thanks to councillor donation

THE POLICE are continuing to keep the beady eye of the law on the community thanks to a generous donation from a Saddleworth councillor.

p10 new police cam
Christine Wilson and Lisa MacDonald from the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership present the new body camera to PCSO Lee Lockwood (picture thanks to GMP Saddleworth and Lees)

PC Lee Cullen approached the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership in March to put forward a bid for £550 to purchase a new body camera for the local policing team.

He was delighted when Cllr John Hudson, a Saddleworth Parish and Oldham councillor, immediately pledged the money from his individual councillor budget.

PC Cullen explained: “We already have a few body cameras for the PCSOs and they have been invaluable but we just needed one more for our PCSOs in Greenfield and Uppermill.

“The camera is about size of a box of matches with a lens on the top and just sits on our chest.

“If someone is getting worked up and starting to get in our faces, we just give it a quick tap and it comes on to record what’s happening.

“They see themselves come up on the camera and it usually has an instant response to calm the situation.”

He added: “Thank you so much to Cllr Hudson for his generosity. We really appreciate it. Each of our teams will now be equipped with a body camera which is fantastic.”

Cllr Hudson said: “The police do a wonderful job in the community and I am delighted we help them with that.”

The latest camera was presented to PCSO Lee Lockwood by Christine Wilson and Lisa MacDonald from the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Baker said work is ongoing to tackle a spike in burglaries that has hit the area.

He said: “Burglaries numbers are getting lower compared to last year. We are now seeing about one third of the burglaries we had in September and October.

“But we have seen quite a spike in March, with Grasscroft targeted. The burglaries in that area have been break-ins into houses specifically to get keys for high powered cars.

“Some of the cars have tracking devices and have been recovered and work is ongoing to tackle the issue.”

He added the police are now putting plans in places for upcoming events, including enforcing their anti-drugs ‘ZeroZone’ initiative at the Whit Friday band contests and Yanks.

They are also looking into their summer campaign and working with RSPB, wardens and United Utilities at Dovestone to help combat litter and BBQs, which present a fire hazard.


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