Blaze drama on moors as day trippers flock to Saddleworth beauty spot

Firefighters tackled two blazes on Saddleworth moors in the space of a couple of hours above Greenfield on Saturday, March 25.

17492699_1366054413432975_6273260150552127418_oInvestigations have started into the cause of the fires adjacent to the ‘Isle of Skye’ A635 Holmfirth Road and below Indian’s Head above Dovestone Reservoir.

Now a warning has been issued to day trippers who flocked to the popular beauty spots on the warmest weekend of the year so far.

It is not known if the fires were started deliberately, carelessly or accidentally.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s Ben McDermott, watch manager at Oldham said: “We would ask the public to take care if they go onto the moors.

“The ground is still quite wet but discarded matches or cigarettes can still be dangerous if dropped.”

Fire crews teamed up with farmers to tackle the first fire a few hundred yards from the main road.

They had barely packed up their equipment when they were called to the other side of the valley.

A ring of fire could be seen for miles under the summit of Indian’s Head as visitors were beginning to head for home.

The scene was just a few hundred yards from the spot on the opposite side of the valley where the body of ‘Neil Dovestone’ – latterly identified as David Lytton – was found on Chew Track in December 2015.

Fire fighters worked hard to stop the flames spreading before darkness meant they had to leave the hills. It is expected they will return on Sunday to check the area had finally been extinguished.

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