Brian’s Coffee and Wine Corner: a look at some traditional teas

Brian Hockenhull, who runs Toast! coffee shop and wine bar in Delph Business Centre, talks about the world of coffee and introduces you to their Coffee and Wine of the Month.

Brian at TOAST!

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FOR A change this month I thought we’d talk about one of our range of traditional teas. If you drink tea from teabags, believe me the improvement in flavour through using fresh loose-leaf tea can be quite extraordinary!

Tea leaf grading is based on the quality and condition of the leaves themselves. Grading is not related to the tea’s inherent quality – that’s down to the climate, location and processing. It is the leaf size and condition that plays the important role in influencing the overall essence of a cup.

The highest grades are referred to as ‘Orange Pekoe’ and the lowest as ‘Fannings’.  A ‘Flowery Orange Pekoe’ (FOP) refers to high quality whole leaf tea made from the first two leaves and bud of the shoot – great stuff, but it takes a while to infuse.

Broken leaf teas produce a darker cup and infuse faster, and hence ‘Broken Orange Pekoe’ (BOP) teas have proved to be a very popular option, and Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe tea is the one we sell most of here at TOAST!

Teas from Sri Lanka are known by the old colonial name of ‘Ceylon’. They are descended from early Assam plants discovered growing wild in the 1830s.

The tea has a full flavour and aroma, with a hint of citrus with a touch of malty essence. Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe is traditionally one of the key ingredients in the classic English Breakfast blend – perfect for easy all day drinking.

Wine recommendation: Symington Altano Douro – Quinta do Ataide
Showcasing our range of Portugese wines, this red is a beauty! The Symington family is the largest farmer of organic vines in Portugal, with 311 acres of certified vineyards in the Douro valley, and Quinta do Ataide is the jewel in the crown.

The wonderful soil, climate and mature Touriga Nacional vines combine to produce very fine, full bodied wine with great elegance and complexity. One to savour!


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