Bridges Estate Agency: The importance of feedback

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FEEDBACK IS vital: from a buyer’s perspective it may help an agent to be clearer on what your individual expectations are and how they may be able to point you in the direction of certain properties.

Meanwhile, from a seller’s perspective this feedback could help you make some important decisions towards making your property more appealing.

Although buyers may be critical – and rightly so as this is a huge decision for them as well the expense – it is a huge life choice and they need to get it right.

Often buyers say they don’t want to sound rude as the vendors are very pleasant.

However if viewers are coming back with the same comments for certain properties vendors should not take this personally but should see it as more of a tool to improve and help sell the property.

This may mean anything from a simple declutter and tidy up to a mini makeover with some decoration, perhaps sorting those damp issues you’ve been living with but never got round too.

Or maybe it’s time to consider a price reduction if feedback keeps saying your property is overpriced.

If viewers are saying the same things about your home then it is likely that this will continue and you should bear this in mind.


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