Celebrations at Springhead to mark 10 years of success for community centre

GLASSES were raised at a special celebration to mark a successful 10 years since the community took over the running of Springhead Community Centre.

Around 80 people, including committee members past and present as well as centre users, gathered for the milestone occasion at the centre on Ashes Lane.

Entertainment was provided by the Hometowners folk group, there was picture board displays of the centre over the years, and guests tucked into a potato pie supper and enjoyed the bar and raffle.

A stall from SheSheds, one of the groups which uses the centre as a base, had a stall and proceeds went to the upkeep of the centre.

Barbara Beeley, chair of the committee and a Saddleworth Parish Councillor, told the guests: “We are here to celebrate the fact we have succeeded in keeping SCC open for the past 10 years – 11 in six weeks!

“We have come a long way from a building with rotten window frames with the glass falling out, ill-fitting doors, boilers which gobbled fuel and produced little heat and a very leaky roof and all the problems that caused.

“For all the improvements we have to say thank you to the people who were prepared to step into the abyss not knowing what lay ahead.

“Barbara Lawton was our first Chair who was brave enough to do that along with Lorna, our first treasurer, and other members of the groups and the community. They laid the foundations.

“Our second chair was Bob Hoath who was willing to take on the challenge of guiding the centre through the processes of becoming a registered company and charity and the negotiations for the lease of the building.

“It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes what has started off as a seemingly simple job has ballooned, but we have been lucky in finding local tradesmen to support us in our hour of need.

“One I remember is when part of the suspended ceiling in the kitchen decided to come down during a Slimming World session – thanks Martin!

“I should like to say a big thank you to the current treasurer Roy, who keeps us on the straight and narrow financially, the current secretary Marian, who also does the bookings, the directors and committee members, Leo and Ian who turn up each evening to check things out and make sure the place is clean and tidy, the volunteers who help and all the group members who use this place.

Without any of these we would not function.”

The centre is home to numerous local groups, including play groups, line dancers, Slimming World, art groups, karate groups, She Sheds and table tennis.

It is also host to events and facilities available are the hall, capable of holding 110 people, and the meeting room.

For more information about the centre, go online: www.springheadcommunitycentre.co.uk

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