Ready Brek advert feeds families’ overseas trip

AN enterprising mother has turned a popular breakfast cereal into a unique warm-hearted fundraising opportunity for sports-mad families.

Filmmakers settled on an isolated Saddleworth bus shelter as the location for their TV commercial featuring Ready Brek after meeting Jane Dronsfield.

She lives with her family in a dramatic countryside location near the shelter on the A62 Oldham-Huddersfield road at Dobcross.

“Earlier this year I received a knock on the door from a company searching for a location for the new advert,” she explained.

“Initially they were looking for parking off the A62. However, the conversation progressed to using our house to host camera crew, make-up, wardrobe and everyone else who was involved in the shooting.”

Jane, who has twin daughters, was raising money for a Family Fund to support the families of the Commonwealth Games qualifiers from the City of Manchester Swim Team to travel to the Gold Coast in Australia with their loved ones.

“I suggested the money they were offering as a location fee was donated to the fund — and they were delightedly oblige,” revealed Jane.

“I soon realised they needed feeding as well and they had a budget so I saw another opportunity to get a further contribution to the fund.

“I agreed to lay on a full English breakfast for the entire cast and crew in exchange for a larger donation!”

The crew set up pop up gazebos at the side of the bus stop, sprayed fake snow on the wall and filled hot water bottles for the cast to sit on.

The hair, make-up and costume teams laid out their equipment in Jane’s dining room and large screens were erected in her lounge.

The 30-second advert, currently being transmitted nationwide, shows a man leaving home after eating Ready Brek and bus users cuddling up to stay warm at the shelter.

“In all, we raised £3,750 for our families which helped enormously to fund their trips,” said Jane proudly.

Rhiannon Lewis, Managing Partner of The Gate Films, said: “Our team really enjoyed shooting this commercial in Saddleworth.

“Jane was a great help, keeping us warm and welcomed during the cold weather and idyllic bus stop location.

“It has also been a pleasure to witness the locals sharing the love for the bus stop with images recreating the scene!”

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