Chrysalis sets sights on caring for young people

RESEARCH shows mental health problems are rising at an alarming rate in children and young people – but one local psychotherapist is determined to do something about it.

Daisy Dixon recently launched Chrysalis, promoting good mental health with children, young people, individuals and employees across Saddleworth and beyond.

She is working with schools and students through group or one-to-one sessions to bring help and support to young people who need it.

Delph born and bred Daisy said: “Children and young people sometimes need help understanding their feelings and experiences and how to express that.

“The impact of Covid-19 for young people and children, who already had trigger factors to deal with, will be intensified. 

“Many more children and young people are struggling with constant anxiety, a socially distanced world, and a stressful family home life.

“At Chrysalis we recognise that every child, young person and school is unique and will have different requirements.

“We aim to promote good mental health and wellbeing through storytelling, role play, art, and games, with an emphasis on mindfulness, self-regulation, and resilience. 

“Our qualified therapists will empower children to monitor and manage their energy, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in ways that are positive and productive. 

“Resilience training enables children to bounce back from difficult times and cope in the face of adversity, trauma, or stress. All children have coping skills, they just might not be aware of them.

“For young people, we offer workshops, group therapy, courses, counselling online or face-to-face.”

The mental health workshops are designed to be informative, interactive and fun. They can be tailored around the needs of a school or specific subject such as anxiety, bullying or self harm.

They aim to increase young people’s understanding of mental health and the different issues this can bring, reduce the stigma attached to mental health, and support young people in managing their own stress levels and building resilience.

Daisy hopes to expand her services and find a local base so she can take on other therapists and offer a wide range of group therapy work and individual sessions. 

Keep checking the website for more details:

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