Step up your mental health with walking therapy at Chrysalis

A PSYCHOTHERAPIST is encouraging locals to put their best foot forward and join her for new walking therapy sessions to improve mental and physical well-being.

Daisy Dixon recently launched Chrysalis, bringing mental health services to individuals, employees and the workplace across Saddleworth and beyond.

And the trained counsellor is excited to offer ‘counselling in motion’ walking therapy as one of her new sessions open to adults of all ages.

Delph born and bred Daisy explained: “This counselling session takes place outdoors, walking side by side with your therapist, not in a traditional therapy room. 

“Walking together, at your pace, can be less intrusive, feel more equal, less intimidating and release inhibitions. 

“This type of therapy is proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce risk of diabetes, improve strategic thinking, enhance creativity, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, improve anger issues and reduce levels of depression. 

“The first session will be online or face-to-face, where you will go through the counseling agreement, discuss areas of confidentiality and how we will conduct the walk before the first outing.

“I had the idea a couple of years ago but not done anything with it – until now,” Daisy admitted.

“I’ve seen it in practice a bit in America but not much over here. It will get people out of the house or office into the fresh air.”

Daisy runs other one-to-one and groups sessions and courses online or face-to-face to help with depression, anxiety, stress, self esteem, anger, relationships, bereavement, addictions, grief, infertility, sexuality, and more.

And currently she is focusing on helping those affected by Covid-19 either individually or at work.

She said: “Early indications suggest the pandemic, lockdown and social distancing will have a significant impact on the mental health of employees.

“When you are living with a mental health problem, having access to the right support is essential. It can be challenging to find someone to talk to who is neutral to your situation. 

“To be able to share the feelings you usually have to hide, to discuss problems and difficulties you face in a confidential environment is empowering and the start to sustainable change.”

She added: “A lot of emphasis is put on people’s physical state and exercise but I believe mental well-being is very important too and needs to be looked after as well.”

Daisy hopes to expand her services and find a local base so she can take on other therapists and offer a wide range of group therapy work and individual sessions. 

Keep checking the website for more details:

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