Clampers crack down on untaxed vehicles in Greenfield and Grasscroft

AN OPERATION to crack down on untaxed vehicles and their owners has taken place in Saddleworth.

Unsuspecting motorists in Greenfield and Grasscroft had cars clamped during a swoop by the Drive and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and clamping partner, NSL.

Mechanical ‘boots’ were attached to nine vehicles in the OL3 and OL4 postcode areas during Tuesday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28.

Several were spotted on Greenbridge Lane in Greenfield and another on Chew Valley Road.

Motorists had to pay a release fee of £100 and a surety fee of £160 if they couldn’t show the vehicle had been taxed.

A DVLA spokesman told the Independent: “DVLA operates a range of measures to make vehicle tax easy to pay and hard to avoid, including online vehicle taxing and Direct Debit.

“We also continue to send reminder letters to vehicle keepers, which is why it is so important they notify DVLA of a change of address or keeper.

“It is right that we take action against those who don’t tax their vehicles and then drive them otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to those who do the right thing.

“Clamping is one of a range of measures we use to make sure these untaxed vehicles are not driven on the road.”

The surety fee is refunded if the motorist is able to show that the vehicle has been taxed within 15 days of the vehicle’s release.

If the release fee has not been paid within 24 hours then the vehicle is impounded. The release fee will then rise to £200 and there will be a storage charge of £21 per day.

Again, a surety fee of £160 must be paid if the motorist cannot show that the vehicle has been taxed.

If a vehicle is declared off the road (SORN) it must be kept off the road, on private land.

Further information on taxing a vehicle is available on



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