Driver escapes unhurt after flipping car into water-filled ditch on A635

A male driver had a lucky escape after flipping his vehicle into a water filled ditch on the A635 ‘Isle of Skye’ Holmfirth Road this afternoon. (Wednesday)

The 4×4 landed upside down with the driver suspended inches from the water line by his seat belt.

He was eventually freed by a fire crew and crawled out of the vehicle without injury.

Police and ambulances also rushed to the scene on the rain swept moors above Dovestone Reservoir.

The road was temporarily closed in both directions but has since re-opened.

No other vehicle is believed to have been involved in the accident which happened on the descent into Greenfield and close to the sharp ‘S’ bends.

An initial investigation suggested the car could have skidded on a patch of oil.

GMP Saddleworth and Lees tweeted: ”Seat belts do save lives and on this occasion the belt kept the driver’s upper body above the water.”


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