Clough Manor back in business and hoping for a bright future

A SADDLEWORTH hotel is re-building its reputation after changing hands before Christmas.

And Clough Manor on Rochdale Road at Denshaw is definitely open for business after reports in late 2017 it had gone into administration.

But mystery still surrounds the departures of previous lease holders, Tony Leach, 41, and 44-year-old Phil Wareing.

Social media was rife with speculation with allegations about the pair in early December.

The Independent understands the business was taken over on December 5, 2017 and is now under the control of the BH Group.

The new owners have links to the Broadfield Park Hotel, Sparrow Hill, Rochdale.

Tony’s last posting on his Facebook page was on November 25, 2017 to advertise ‘Black Friday’ restaurant at Clough Manor and three-course Sunday lunches.

Clough Manor at Denshaw

A day earlier Tony, whose address at Companies House is given as 14 Maple Close, Shaw, posted about Black Friday weddings from March 31 to September 31, 2018.

Phil, whose address at Companies House is given as 365 Rochdale Road, Shaw, hasn’t used his Facebook account since October.

Tony resigned as director of Clough Manor Ltd on April 25, 2017.

On January 3, 2018 the Companies House website records records details of abbreviated accounts dated September 28, 2016.

A spokesperson for the new owners told the Independent: “Social media doesn’t help but we are trying to build the reputation back up which we will do given time. No one wants to start off with a bad name.

“We successfully held a wedding at the end of December and are continuing to take bookings.”

Clough Manor is located in an 18th century farmhouse. It was formerly known to locals as La Pergola restaurant but was taken over by Saddleworth based businessman Alan Tupman in 2007.


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