Crackdown at Uppermill car park after resurfacing

UPPERMILL’S NEW-LOOK car park is one vehicle short of a full set, despite Oldham Council spending more than £23,000 on refurbishment work. 

And motorists are warned of a clampdown by traffic wardens for cars parking outside the lines of the newly marked bays.

The Smithy Lane site, adjacent to the doctors’ surgery, was badly hit by last November’s floods.

After six weeks out of commission, the busy car park, including new disabled spaces, is open for business again.

But Council staff had to return to the location following complaints that there were three spaces fewer in the new car park than the previous version.

After approaches by Saddleworth Parish Council’s Road and Transport Sub Committee, OMBC officers have agreed to re-instate two more parking bays.

However, the Independent understands three extra spaces can’t be achieved because the new parking bays have been set out to standard size in line with current guidance.

A Council spokesman said: “We believe more cars will actually be able to park now as some of the lines had worn away so people were parking across designated bays.”

The total work cost £23,203.05 and included adding new drains, clearing out existing drains, re-surfacing, marking and flagging to the perimeter to prevent future flooding.


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