Uppermill virtual map to become a reality thanks to Saddleworth photographer

A Saddleworth photographer plans to put Uppermill at the centre of the United Kingdom’s virtual community map.

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And Daryl Jackson, 29, wants the Parish’s unofficial ‘capital’ to become the country’s first virtual village, promoting businesses and tourism in the area.

In collaboration with Google Street View and Oldham Council, Daryl’s Tour.Media company has launched a campaign to sign-up individuals and businesses for the project.

One of only nine Google trusted ‘snappers’ in Greater Manchester, Daryl – with the software support of the internet mega giant – will focus on shops, pubs, restaurants and offices in a 360-degree view to showcase their services to a massive online audience.

Once completed, the information is added to Google Maps as a promotional tool to advertise the inside of businesses to drive additional footfall and sales.

p12 uppermill is going virtual logo“All a potential customer has to do is Google search your business name and the virtual tour will appear at the top of the Google search page,” says Daryl, who gained a First Class Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in the study of Interactive Media.

“The production process is designed to limit any disruption to your working day and will take less than 30 minutes to complete.”

Prices to be included in Uppermill’s Virtual Village start at £49 plus VAT for a five-step package, enabling visitors to negotiate inside the premises within five steps. There is free monthly subscription for a year.

For more details and to sign up, visit www.tour.media/uppermill


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