Cricketers’ 30-mile charity walk raises £5,000

CRICKETERS from Austerlands put their best feet forward completing a 30-mile charity walkathon.

The group of 30 braved the wet on Saturday, July 4 to raise £5,000 for the club and Dr Barnardo’s, far in excess of the initial £3,000 target.And it was a cricket-centred walk visiting 11 former Saddleworth League grounds en route.

They began from their Thorpe Lane ground before 6am and the route took them to Glodwick, Hollinwood, Stayley, Micklehurst, Saddleworth, Greenfield, Uppermill, Friarmere, Shaw, Heyside and Moorside before returning home 11-and-a-half hours later.The idea behind the walk was to raise money for the club to compensate for the loss of revenue caused by lockdown.

Three quarters of the money will go to the club and 25 per cent to Dr Barnardo’s.

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