Cultural learning at Knowsley Junior School

PUPILS at Knowsley Junior School have been broadening their understanding and tolerance of sub cultures thanks to a unique project.

Benj Heaney and Steven Corrigan

Nikki Turner, pastoral support officer at the Springhead primary school, worked with Year 6 pupils to look at sub cultures and alternative dress codes or lifestyles.

They focused on the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which was set up following the murder of teenager Sophie in 2007, who was picked out for dressing in a unique and creative way.

The assault on Sophie and her partner was treated as a Hate Crime by the judge and five teenagers were jailed for the vicious attack.

Running the project for the first time, Ms Turner explained to pupils who Sophie was, and looked at seeing a person behind their appearance.

She said: “The pupils seem to have really engaged well with the project and worked really hard.

Harvey Parkinson

“There was a big difference to the way they were thinking at the start to at the end and that is really positive.

“We finished with a dress-up day where they came in different clothes from different subcultures. We looked at if it is the same person underneath the clothes.

“It is a great way to help them understand different subcultures and learn tolerance.”

The project was so well received that Ms Turner is now hoping to roll it out to the Year 5 pupils as well.

Find out more about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation online:

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