Young guitar players hit all the right notes

TALENTED young guitar players were strumming all the right notes at the recent Ramsbottom Music Festival.


Guitar students at Ramsbottom 2018 winners

Greenfield guitar teachers Hazel and Sarah Davies took along their pupils to compete at the event, which is now one of the biggest in Britain.

Ptolemy Preston-Wadsworth, 12, won the grade 1 class classical guitar and Joseph White, 12, won the grade 2 class.

Ellis Lloyd, 14, won the grade 6 class and most promising guitarist of the festival while Oliver Patrick, 12, and William Reece, 12, won the duet class grade 5 and under.

All students are members of the Saddleworth Guitar Ensemble who won their class for the fourth year in succession, leaving Hazel and Sarah very proud of their winning team.

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