David puts pedal to metal in France for Prostate Cancer

PROSTATE cancer kills 11,800 men in the UK each year. That is a lot of husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles.

David Wheeler, a member of Saddleworth Clarion Cycling Club, has two school friends who both survived prostate cancer, inspiring him to do something to help the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

He explained: “When I heard about my two friends it struck home how important it is not to ignore this disease but to get checked and yearly. It is only a quick blood test and it can save your life.

“Being a keen cyclist, when I heard the charity weas going to take on the first stage of this year’s Tour de France, it seemed natural that I should do it.”


Over the hottest weekend in France’s recent history with the mercury touching 36 degrees, David set about the challenge.

The ride left Brussels Grand Place and took a southerly loop of Belgium with two iconic climbs on the cobbled roads of Mur de Grammont and then Bosberg.

It passed landmarks such as Waterloo and included a lunch stop in the university town of Seneffe, before heading back to the finish in Brussels at the Royal Place.

David added: “I had an interesting moment while stopped at traffic lights as a lady in a car started taking to me and I think she was asking for directions.

“But, unfortunately, my three years of French only taught me two words – deux bier! She also must have learnt the same in English at school, but we had a good laugh about it.”

Overall, the riders raised £300,000 for Prostate Cancer UK as well as awareness for me to get tested.

Find out more about Prostate Cancer UK on their website https://prostatecanceruk.org/or call their of specialist nurses on the phones with your queries: 0800 074 8383.

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